Welcome to – Catholic Fit Moms for Life, a community of mothers of all walks of life, seeking God’s mercy in self-care, while answering the call to be Intentional Disciples of the true Church starting with self so that we can share in His Mercy in our homes and our communities.

Have you ever thought to yourself,  there just is not enough to go around?    Not enough time, energy, and even mercy.

And the one person who might need all of those things the most isn’t going get any of it. 

The days can be too dark and the nights too sleepless to even seek what is missing. 

I have.  Just about all the time.  Yet when I finally let His merciful love transform, I finally saw true transformation.

Learn how you can let His Merciful love in so that you can start seeing real changes in your whole body wellness!

Do you want to understand your brain and yourself so that you are able to change your thoughts, feelings, and actions to live the life you want?

This course is a simple yet fill with actionable items to start understanding your brain and start making lasting changes.

But most important now than ever is time to take care of your whole body wellness, Body, Mind, and Soul!