Welcome to – Catholic Fit Moms for Life, a community of mothers of all walks of life, seeking God’s mercy in self-care, while answering the call to be Intentional Disciples of the true Church starting with self so that we can share in His Mercy in our homes and our communities.

Fiat – “Let it Be Done”.

We, as Catholics, know how powerful is that four-letter word to our faith.  Our greatest role model to our vocation of marriage and family, Mother Mary, answered God with that word and was able to let it be done.

When I answered God, my own Fiat, to the calling of my vocation to marriage and family, I didn’t realize that there was more to this vocation than just a Fiat.

Yes, I understand that I had to give of myself in a self-giving way to my husband, children, home.  But for many years, I let that self-giving become a self-made martyr which resulted in nothing more than darkness (overweight, tired, lack of love/mercy). 

It took a powerful impact of the Divine Mercy (read more) to show me that this self-giving had to start within.

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