Welcome to – Catholic Fit Moms for Life, a community of mothers of all walks of life, seeking God’s mercy in self-care, while answering the call to be Intentional Disciples of the true Church starting with self so that we can share in His Mercy in our homes and our communities.

The Fiat Wellness Center is an inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

It is a center where women of all ages, colors, and fitness levels can come to enhance their uniqueness and beauty through strengthening their bodies, empowering their minds, and inspiring their souls.

A place that will help them fulfill God’s greatest commandments, love Him with their heart, mind, and soul, and love others as themselves. 


Join us for a FREE 5-day Whole-body Email Challenge where you will spend 30 minutes of self-care for the whole body wellness everyday for the next 5 days and find God’s mercy in your self-care. 

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