Who is Catholic Fit Mom for life?


A mother, a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and his beloved bride, the Catholic Church.  She tries to live up to her vocation to motherhood and marriage to the best of her abilities among the craziness of life.  Even if she falls into the sins of the world, she brings herself back into the arms of Mother Mary as she seeks God’s mercy.    

She wants to live a full life knowing that wellness of body, mind, and soul is the way towards holiness.

Her fitness might not be what the world would call fit, with abs of steel, arms cut and a size 2 jeans.  No, She walks, she runs, she plays a DVD during nap time for a quick workout, she might even hit the gym while kids are in school or early before they arise.

Whatever way she can, she will. She doesn’t care what others do as long as she gives it a try for herself.

She seeks food to nourish her most of the time and as well to indulge when there is a need for it.

She knows that she has battles to fight, family to care for, and dreams to fulfill. She needs the strength to do it.  Sometimes she is strong, other times she is weak.

Yet, she takes moments during the day to rest her mind with words of encouragement from books, a blog post, social media, and most important from the Gospel. 

She knows she needs to feed her soul and build up her mindset and strengthen the body, for the battle is real and the attacks come from all different angles.

She knows its a messy vocation, that looks different every day with struggles, joys, disappointments, and achievements. Yet, she knows that this life is beautiful and worth it.

She knows that no matter what, She can always count on the mercy of God to keep her going. 

This mom is YOU!

 About the founder

Maria Cecilia Escobedo is a Catholic life and wellness coach for moms and the founder of Catholic Fit Moms for Life.

Rooted in a love for Jesus and Divine Mercy, she helps moms embrace not just physical fitness, but spiritual and mental wellness as well.  

Certified in Christian Life Coaching from Light University and as a Christian Wellness Coach, Maria Cecilia was a collegiate and semi-professional athlete. 

Her knowledge of the human person is supplemented by 15 years of experience as a Natural Family Planning instructor, running a girl’s virtual empowerment club, and juggling homeschooling and parenting her five children (with another five in heaven!).

These days, fitness are training for a full marathon, workouts on whatzup, lots of walks with her plum corgi, and challenges to stretch her comfort zone. 

Her own journey with motherhood, and struggling with diet and food, has led her to develop a balanced approach to wellness that focuses on self-care united with a personal relationship with Christ.

 Since 2017, Maria Cecilia has help over 100 Catholic moms join the movement of #holinessthroughwellness with the Merciful Love Challenges.





  A Message From Maria Cecilia

I know that the vocation of marriage and family life is hard on us, mothers.   It’s filled with so many ups and downs and lots of sacrifices of body, mind, and soul.

For many years, I was a “self-made martyr”, believing that was the way to this Fiat. But, my dear sister in Christ, that way of thinking and living is not what God had tended for us in our vocation.

God wants more than anything is for us to love Him with all our heart, mind, and soul. For us to love our neighbors (husband, children, friends, strangers) as we love ourselves.

But I found that very hard to do since I wasn’t loving myself. What I needed to do was show myself real love, real self-care. Once I started to seek this real self-care in my journey of holiness through wellness, I started to live out God’s greatest commandment.

I was able to see that seeking wellness in body, mind, and soul, I was able to really live out my vocation with real and everlasting FIAT. 

I can help you as well. I am able to offer you the support to start you on this wellness journey or to enhance it. Together, using accountability, knowledge, and prayer, we will be able to enhance our Fiat in our vocation!

We can stop “just getting by” and start living out this vocation with the greatness that God is calling us to live!

Let’s get started, just schedule a Free 30 minute chat so together we can map out a plan to start this journey of holiness through wellness!






I am living proof that investing in myself had greater results than I had ever dream of.

I have in a short time, ran a half-marathon (now training for a full marathon as well a half-Ironman), biked a 50-mile ride up the Natchez’s trace, built up a Christian Coaching business meeting women from all over the world, and I am working on fulfilling a dream in building a wellness center.

Together, we can bring you results that you had never dream of before!