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In this episode, Faustina’s words of the power of Love should move you to a deep merciful love for yourself and others.  Learn more about our Immaculate Heart of Mary Merciful Love Challenge coming up!

 “O Love, O queen! Love knows no fear, It passes through all the choirs of angels that stand on guard before HIs throne. It will fear no one. It reaches God and is immersed in Him as in its sole treasure. The Cherubim who guards paradise with flaming sword has no power over it. O pure love of God, how great and unequaled you are! Oh, if souls only knew your power.” – St. Faustina #781

 Marian Father’s article on my Door of Mercy experience. 

 Join us for the Immaculate Heart of Mary Merciful Love challenge and be overwhelmed by God’s merciful love for yourself so that you can enhance your journey of holiness through wellness.

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