Challenge yourself to find that merciful love in your wellness.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Merciful Love Challenge is a once-a-year challenge where you discover the power of God’s mercy in your self-care.

You’re a busy mom, always thinking of how to take care of your little ones. But you’ve realized you’re tired of being tired, out of shape, eating poorly, and just running on fumes all the time. 

It’s time to realize that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of the ones you love.  

This Challenge will bring you to see how being merciful towards yourself care, you will be merciful towards others.

This 6-week challenge combines fitness training, nutrition, health coaching, and of course prayer and community to help you reclaim your health, fill up your cup, and become the intentional disciple God is calling you to be.

Why this challenge? 

Immaculate Heart of Mary Merciful Love Challenge isn’t just any challenge. It will open the Doors of Mercy to your heart as you discover God’s, merciful love.

Everything in the challenge is rooted in prayer. From there, we work on improving our physical health and mindset — not for vain or superficial reasons, but because God gave us the gift of our bodies. He wants us to take care of ourselves as we live our faith and live our vocation!

Included in the Challenge:


 Fr. Gaitley 33 Days to Merciful Love; Do It Yourself Retreat. 

We will spend 33 days immersed in the beautiful teachings of merciful love through the teachings of St. Therese of the Little Flower.  St. Therese gives one a new understanding of what is merciful Love bringing us closer to the profound power of Divine Mercy.    This book along with the Door of Mercy was what changed my life back in 2016 – read my story.

* Through 6 videos by Fr. Gaitley and journal, you will receive a greater understand and need for His Mercy.


12 – Group Physical Training Classes with Daniel, our Certified Personal Trainer.

Our trainer, Daniel Villeda, specializes in training women in bodyweight exercises, stretches, and core work will conduct 16 Live workouts. He will also meet with you individually to assess your fitness level at the start of the challenge, middle, and end.

* 30 minutes HITT Classes: Mondays (Body Weights) & Wednesday (5lbs Weights) 3 pm CT on zoom. These are recorded and shared. Here is an example of one of his class.

3 – LIVE Morning Pilates for Moms 7:30am CT by Instructor Magdalena Pettey. – Magdalena is an instructor in the DC area who is a beautiful example of the call to Merciful Love by how she lives and shows others to live. Read more on her act of mercy story –

6 – Weeks of SoulCore – Tuesday/Thursday Morning Offering 7min class & Friday Divine Mercy 30 min. workout.


6- Weeks of Teaching Modules in  Health, Mindset, and Prayerful Soul.

Practical information to set you up for success and optimal health, with lessons on healthy habits, mindset, and understand and implementing an Examen Prayer.

2 – 30 min. Nutritional Sessions with Megan our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Megan will conduct nutritional sessions with certain topics and Q&A for our members on 2nd Thursdays at 9 am and 4th Wednesday at 7 pm of each month.


Tools to Help You Get Stronger in Body, Mind, and Soul 

  • Book ( Fr. Gaitley 33 Days to Merciful Love; Do It Yourself Retreat. &  Miraculous Stars water bottle from Marian Fathers.
  • Participant Pack: *Retreat Companion (workbook with daily and weekly questions, written by Fr. Michael Gaitley)
    *Consecration to Merciful Love Certificate -Prayer of Consecration to Merciful Love prayer card, * St. Thérèse card (limited-edition card with a photograph of St. Thérèse), *Complementary DVD with Episode 2 of the acclaimed Catholic documentary, Divine Mercy in the Second Greatest Story Ever Told.
  • Catholic Fit Moms for Life – Wellness Journal: habit tracker, and examen prayers and more for a full whole-body wellness experience, (Here is a short sample of the journal you will receive.)
  • Access to the website where you find all the workouts, Father Gaitley’s video, and teaching modules.

Accountability and Support 

  • Constant email and text support 
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Live daily prayers. 

— At the end of the Challenge, the mother with the most points will win a free Session with Megan our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (value at $375) 

Megan will conduct a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test and during your one on one session, she will discuss your  mineral balancing protocol and personalize an eating guide based on your metabolims.

We will end the Challenge with a mini-retreat given by a special guest – TBA.

Challenge starts May 3rd – Join Us Today!

What Catholic Fit Moms are Saying… 

Your Mother’s Mercy challenge in the fall was so impactful in my life and has really made a difference in my thinking, my daily life, my habits. I need to make more progress but for the first time in most of my life, I now see life in a much healthier way, more spiritual as well. I am breaking the unhealthy cycles in my family history, letting God heal them and making them new. I am so blessed by what you have brought into my life through your teaching and sharing this challenge. I just wanted to share with you what you have started by letting God use you to bring this challenge out there. 

– Natalie W. from Ohio

Hey, I just wanted to send you a big thank you. I got so much from the Merciful Love challenge. I can’t even put into words how much I got from it doing this with an amazing group of ladies. I know I will continue to receive and grow from it. What you did with the workbook was wonderful and has given me daily ways to pray and start off my morning so intentionally. I can tell you how much stronger I know that I am from participation. That growth is measured in so many different ways. I am so glad I participated. Thank you for your YEs when felt God guiding you.

– Gina, from Louisiana

I am completely in awe of the gift God has given each of us through the “Why” lesson on the challenge. I’ve been walking people through this process for years as a certified health coach and it’s never been so clear to me and been put in such simple language. The examples and common pitfalls listed are truly inspired. Thank you a hundred times over for listening to the Holy Spirit and doing all this work. It’s beautiful.

– Johanna Bell, from Louisiana