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Water is one of the most powerful resources that God has given us.

We use water not only to nourish our body but to be given new life in Christ in the Sacrament of  Baptism.

We all have heard that one can go days without food but not without water.

Water brings life to the soil, plants, trees, and animals. We view the force of water in the oceans.

The benefits of water for your wellness is amazing.

💧 Water helps break down fats in our bodies. The very first step of the body’s process for metabolizing fat occurs when water molecules interact with triglycerides (fats).

💧  Drinking water increases the rate at which your body burns calories. Studies have shown that drinking water can increase your resting energy expenditure by 24-30%. 

💧 Hydration improves workouts by decreasing fatigue. You can work out longer and burn more calories when you are hydrated. 

  💧 Drinking plenty of water can also prevent you from overeating. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal can decrease your appetite and calorie intake.

 💧 Additionally, dehydration can actually cause you to eat MORE. Studies show that not drinking enough water can create a weight loss plateau and prevent you from meeting your wellness goals.

💧 Make it a priority to drink plenty of water throughout the day – especially before, during, and after a workout – instead of just drinking when you are thirsty. 

But what if you didn’t have access to water?  A simple trip to your kitchen sink is not so simple for millions throughout the world. 

Many of us live in a place that we have an overflow of water at the tips of our fingers. We couldn’t imagine what it would be if we had to walk a mile with buckets to fill it with water and careful walk back home.  Water that  might not be 100% safe to drink.

One of the Acts of Mercy is to give drink to those who are thirsty. 

Water for Mercy is our non-profit that we are going to support on our training and running of the full marathon using Mercy Runs on Love.

Water for Mercy provides the ‘1-2-3 Solution’ to permanently end thirst, hunger, and poverty in Africa and beyond. With our innovative technologies, we provide clean water, advanced agricultural practices, and modernized educational solutions. 

Last week, we talk about those Satan shoes and how we brought back Mercy Runs on Love. 

Again, Mercy Runs on Love is a simple site where we encourage you: 

* to find an event to complete from a 5k to a Full marathon or something of that sort that will bring you out of your comfort zone so that you can grow in love and mercy.

* to seek a non-profit/organization that shows acts of mercy to humanity.

* to act in bringing awareness and funds to that non-profit/organization with Mercy Runs on Love t-shirts, etc, and social media sharing as you share their work and seek funds for them as you train and complete your event.

At Mercy Runs on Love, we set up your free page to share and support you with accountability, prayers, and more on Facebook and more.

So for every pair of Satan Shoes is sold at $1. 018, 85 people can get clean drinking water for A LIFETIME! 

This is just crazy! We have to combat evil with mercy and love!

Head over to our “Rundraiser” for Water for Mercy.

I want to encourage you to do a Mercy Runs on Love – “Rundraiser” Act.

With the Love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia