This course is for moment will be FREE but if you would like to leave a $5 donation that would be great to help pay for the hosting of this program. 


Understand your brain and yourself so that you are able to change your thoughts, feelings, and actions to live the life you want.

Just like you train your body, you must train your mind.

“No amount of knowledge will ever make up for a lack of perspective.”

Your perspective is what creates your experiences.

If you get all the knowledge but are not shifting your perspective, thoughts, and beliefs, you are just sitting on a pile of books.

Our brain is our most valuable asset. For one, without it, we die. But for two, growing and managing your mind influences all other assets.

When you think about assets, you might think about things of value that you own… your house, car, jewelry, etc. 


 The definition of an asset is: “A useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.“

So, if our brain is our most valuable asset, what are some other assets we have as human beings?

Well, our health would be a valuable asset. Once again, without it, we die or suffer in this life. 

Time is an asset. More time means you can do more of the things that make you happy and that matters in this world.

Money, is, of course, an asset. And the more valuable you can make your brain (gaining knowledge) and the more time you have, the more money you have the potential to make. 

It all comes back to your brain – and you understand the value of it and the power you have to grow it.

When we understand our brain we are able to change our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This course is about knowledge and using that knowledge for the better.

After completing this course, you will:

  • Have set big, impossible goals
  • Know how to actually reach those goals without getting overwhelmed
  • Understand how the human brain works when it comes to food, stress, and emotions
  • Recognize how your emotions drive your movements and eating choices
  • Choose to do and think in a way that serves you and others (this can be with moral obligations, your health, money, etc.)
  • Understand that diets and external circumstances don’t determine your success – you do!
  • Increase awareness of your body and understand hunger cues
  • Be capable of deciding to love yourself and be happy and content in who you are.
  • Embrace failures and discomfort because you know they are part of life and use them to propel you forward
  • Be better equipped to handle life’s stresses, adapt to change, and copes with difficult times. 
  • Have a desire to keep learning about food, your body and yourself to be better and live a life of purpose!

One of the most amazing things that we are able to do as humans with high-functioning brains is to create goals and plan ahead.

Yet so many of us interfere with our own goals.  We get in our own way. We procrastinate and put off our goals because we are afraid to fail. 

We seek false-pleasures (over-eating, overspending, etc.) instead of doing the hard work needed to achieve our goals. 

We quit because we are not seeing results right away!

NOTE: Quitting will not get you results any quicker. 😉

And what tends to happen is that we find ourselves in a self-sabotage spiral…

We focus on the failures of the past and either tell ourselves that we will fail before we even try OR we don’t even set a goal because we don’t want to be disappointed. 

The work you will do in this course puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. 

You have control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

You, and only you, have the power to break through limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts. And you have the power to choose to live a life in which you are not overly obsessed with food but eat a generally healthy diet, and are happy and content with your body.  

How is this different than other diets and nutrition programs?

Any good program gives you information and a guide.

But if you want to make a sustainable change, you need to understand how food works in your own body (not just blindly follow a cookie-cutter plan), manage your mindset, and get support and accountability along the way.

Here is a lovely testimony of mom who is doing the course: 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing this again and for the mother’s mindset course also.  I’m currently focusing more on the mother’s mindset course as I really need to get my weight and health into control.   (My body keeps gaining even though it shouldn’t be and I’ve seen doctors, but wow!   Your course has taught me so much I didn’t know and I’m only a handful of lessons in.   So I am convicted that there are things I can do that I didn’t even know and realize and I don’t feel nearly so trapped!)  

This course is for moment will be FREE but if you would like to leave a $5 donation that would be great to help pay for the hosting of this program. 


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