Wellness Coach – Founder

Maria Cecilia Escobedo isn’t your typical wellness coach – rather, she’s been where you are. She’s been a tried, overwhelmed mother of five, just counting down the minutes until nap time so she could have a break. She was unhappy, out of shape, and wondering if this was really what this vocation was supposed to be like.

Until a moment of grace when the Lord reminded her that in order to show mercy to others, you must first show mercy to yourself. That moment leads to Maria taking strides to improve both her health and her prayer life, and to founding the Fiat Wellness Center where she now helps dozens of women be intentional disciples by strengthening their bodies and inspiring their souls through nutrition, exercise, and prayer.

Maria Cecilia was a collegiate and semi-professional athlete finding her passion in wellness coaching.

Her knowledge of the human person is supplemented by 15 years of experience as Natural Family Planning instructor, running a girl’s virtual empowerment club, and juggling homeschooling and parenting her five children (with another five in heaven).

These days, fitness looks like Zoom classes in the early mornings, lots of walks with her plum corgi, and challenges herself to train for her first full marathon and 100-mile cycling to stretch her comfort zone.

Since 2017, Maria Cecilia has helped over 100 Catholic moms join the movement of #holinessthroughwellness with unique programs here at Catholic Fit Moms for Life.

Our Personal Trainer

Villeda Fitness

Daniel Villeda, a certified personal trainer born in Los Angeles, enjoys competing in powerlifting and running along the beach with his dog Humperdink.  

Diagnosed at an early age with asthma, he could not participate in sports as a youth. Determined to overcome his limitations, he joined a local gym at 17, working tirelessly on strengthening his cardiovascular system.  
Later, he trained in kickboxing and grappling at Gracie Barra, a renowned Brazilian jujitsu school, and competed in MMA.

As Daniel began to teach friends and family about self-defense and fitness, he left the corporate world to begin his career as a Personal Trainer in 2012.  

After retiring from MMA he struggled to keep his diet in check, gaining over 30lbs. In January of 2018, he began his journey into losing weight with a sustainable method and mindset, which he utilizes in an advanced training system whenever he works with his clients.

 With his recent certification in sports therapeutics, Daniel can create individualized programs that address sports injuries and mobility limitations.  

Currently, he has developed a program that helps his clients overcome their own limitations, thus becoming stronger than ever – not only physically but mentally as well. 

Fitness Instructor – Core Strength

Magdalena Pettey, originally from California, moved to the Washington, DC
area after college where she met and married her husband Patrick. They
eventually settled in Potomac, Maryland, and raised their three children.
Taking a break from her career in International Relations, “Magda” focused
on being a full-time stay-at-home mom and cherished those moments.
Later when the children started high school she took on the role of a
certified Fitness Instructor with a focus on core strength.

Magda has always been an active person who loves the outdoors and is a
firm believer in fitness, good nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. She is
committed to helping others experience the benefits of exercise because
she is convinced it will improve the quality of their lives. Or in the words of
St. John Paul II, “Sports trains body and spirit for perseverance, effort,
courage, balance, sacrifice, honesty, friendship and collaboration.”
As a child growing up in a Polish Catholic family, Magda often visited
extended family in Poland. During these visits, she would go on pilgrimages
exposing her to the power of The Divine Mercy devotion.

Never would she imagine how deeply it would affect her and her family until All Saint’s Day, November 1, 2014, when her seventeen-year-old son, Dominik, died
suddenly in a tragic car accident.  Read more on his story.

Through prayer, exercise, and surrender to the Lord’s merciful love Magda
continues to share her story of Divine Mercy with others.
Magda is inspired by the joy, renewed energy, and transformation she
witnesses in her clients ~ always tell them “never stop moving.”

Our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner 

Hot Mess Nutrition

Megan is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who helps exhausted and stressed moms recover their energy and joy with nutritional balancing and uncovering the hidden causes of symptoms. As a single mom of four spectacular kids and a lover of Catholic Faith, real food, and good music.

Due to the effects of severely stressful marriage, she discovered what stress, whether emotional, physical or even from the food we eat, does to our body.

Before the said discovery, she could not understand why she was so exhausted all the time but totally wired at night. Why she could not lose weight, even when trying. Why she couldn’t muster up the energy to keep firm boundaries. Why she felt exhausted and burned out even though she loved being a stay-at-home mom. 

She was also experiencing acid reflux, constipation, anxiety attacks, and horrible periods. 

She started getting migraines from eating certain foods, or from even a whiff of any type of perfume/fragrance.

Amazingly, when she started eating real food and cutting toxins out of the household, she started to have clarity. She began to recognize that toxic people cause just as much damage as toxins in our food and products. She learned the art of self-care.

She discovered chronic infections and learned that those infections were having a ripple effect on her whole body. Using a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test, she is able to discover your mineral balancing protocol and personalize an eating guide based on your Metabolism.

She has gained so much joy and fulfillment from helping other women start their own journey to new beginnings.


What is the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test?

A hair tissue mineral analysis is a screening test that uses hair as a tissue mineral biopsy. This method of testing has been used for at least 100 years worldwide to test mineral content and the presence of toxic metals in a sample of hair.

It is a non-invasive relatively inexpensive method of testing and is very accurate. Hair mineral analysis testing is an excellent method for assessing, monitoring and guiding the correction and improvement of one’s body chemistry.

It determines: 

  • your current metabolic rate and establish an eating plan that is right for you

  • your energy levels and get clues to contributing factors

  • whether heavy metal accumulation is preventing you from reaching your health goals

  • whether your adrenal glands and thyroid are functioning optimally

  • how well your digestion is functioning by how well you are absorbing and assimilating minerals from your diet.

  • what supplements you need to take for your body’s unique biochemistry, rather than blindly taking supplements which may or may not help.

Listen to Megan explain all about Hair Tissue Mineral analysis testing at a Facebook Live. 

Learn more about our unique program to enhance your journey of holiness through wellness.