Strengthen your body, empower your mind, inspire your soul.

You’re a busy mom, always thinking of how to take care of your little ones. But you’ve realized you’re tired of being tired, out of shape, eating poorly, and just running on fumes all the time. 

It’s time to realize that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of the ones you love. But in the past, you’ve found fitness programs daunting and hard to stick with. 



Catholic Fit Moms for Life 

1:1 Wellness Coaching Program 

Get stronger and healthier.

Individualized, 1:1 personal training and health coaching with accountability and resources to help you reach your wellness goals. 

 Grow in your Catholic faith. 

Join a community of Catholic women who are seeking to bring the Lord into health and wellness by surrendering their journey to Him with joy.  

Live your vocation and life to the fullest. 

You can’t take care of others if you first don’t take care of yourself. Get fit, live healthy, and deepen your prayer life so you can give your best to your family and to God.

Health and fitness culture tends to think only about the body. As Catholics, we sometimes put the importance of our physical health on the backburner. 

But the truth is that it can’t be one or the other: we need to care for both our body AND soul! This 12-week coaching program combines fitness training, nutrition, health coaching, and of course prayer and community to help you reclaim your health, fill up your cup, and become the intentional disciple God is calling you to be.


Why 1:1 coaching? 

Group programs are great, but 1:1 coaching gives you tailored training and accountability to help YOU reach the goals you’ve been dreaming about. It meets you where you are and factors in your unique needs and the challenges you face.


Why this program? 

Catholic Fit Moms for Life 1:1 coaching isn’t just any coaching program! It centers first and foremost around your relationship with Jesus Christ. Everything we do in the 12-week program is rooted in prayer. From there, we work on improving our physical health and mindset — not for vain or superficial reasons, but because God gave us the gift of our bodies. He wants us to take care of ourselves as we live our faith and live our vocation!

Are you ready for the transformation that prioritizing your health and faith will bring to your life and family through 1:1 coaching?

– Instead of being tired and stressed… 

… enjoy improved physical health with workouts that help you get stronger and a community that encourages prayer and spiritual renewal. 

– Instead of feeling constantly frustrated and overwhelmed… 

… get the resources, guidance, and accountability you need to fill up YOUR cup so you can give to your family with more energy and focus, and actually enjoy living your vocation. 

– Instead of getting discouraged and losing interest or motivation in fitness programs… 

… discover accountability and community with the like-minded Catholic moms in our community who understand your struggles, hopes, and dreams. 

– Instead of never working out even though you want to… 

… achieve consistency with bodyweight workouts and weekly coaching that will help you get stronger, feel better, and live healthier. 



Included in Our 12 Week 1:1 Coaching Package…  

1:1 Physical Training with Daniel, our Certified Personal Trainer  

Work with our trainer, Daniel Villeda, who specializes in training moms in bodyweight exercises, stretches, and core work that is easy to do at home. 

 1:1 Weekly Coaching Call with Maria Cecilia   

You’ll work on setting and achieving health, fitness, and faith goals on these coaching calls, with all our efforts centering on your personal relationship with Christ.   

2 Sessions with Megan, our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner 

 Megan will conduct a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test and during your one on one session, she will discuss your  mineral balancing protocol and personalize an eating guide based on your metabolims. * Read blog post on it.

 12 Weeks of Teaching Modules in  Health, Mindset, and Prayerful Soul.

Practical information to set you up for success and optimal health, with lessons on healthy habits, mindset, and understand and implementing an Examen Prayer.



Accountability and Support 

  • Constant email and text support 
  • Live daily prayers 

Tools to Help You Get Stronger in Body, Mind, and Soul 

  • Fitness Kit – Journal, water bottle, fitness bands, and Prints of Mercy print.
  • Accountability App 
  • Membership to the Fiat Wellness Center

What Catholic Fit Moms are Saying…

“Accountability was the motivation I needed to make changes I’ve known I needed to make for a long time. Just knowing Maria Cecilia would be there for morning prayer gets me out of bed and starting the day off right, consistently! The workouts have been great. I’m surprised I enjoy them so much. I feel such a difference. I’ve lost over two inches in my waistline and have more than doubled the number of pushups I can do in a minute!” – Drina, from Kentucky 


The multidimensional aspects of this program make it truly unique. I found beneficial the weekly HIIT workouts with the combination of stretch, cardio, and strength exercises. The variety of movements and regular check-ins by the personal trainer made it unique and fun. My strength improved significantly. I am more focused on making good choices and creating habits to help me achieve better mental and physical health!” –

Helen, from Pennsylvania 

It is not selfish to prioritize your wellness. It is necessary! 

Take the first step for your health and faith today.