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I love my hair. I do. It is thick and it’s full. I might not like that I have to color it to remove the gray but I love my hair.

What about you, do you like your hair? Love it? 

What if I told you that your hair shows you love, love for your wellness.

 * What if I tell you that your hair can tell us your current metabolism rate and with that, you can establish the right eating plan that it’s perfect for your body.

* What if I tell you it lets us know your energy level and gives us clues to factors that contribute to that level.

* What if I tell you it lets us see how your digestion is functioning as to how well you are absorbing and assimilating minerals from your diet.

* What if I told you that your hair will let us know what specific supplements would be perfect for your unique body style chemistry so that you will know which supplements are best for your unique body.

Now, do you see that your hair loves you so much!

But, how you ask? Just with a sample of it. Yes, a simple hair sample can bring you all that information which guides you towards your unique wellness plan.

No more guessing which diet works for you or which foods would benefit your particular body.



Megan is the newest coach on our team here at Catholic Fit Moms for Life. Truly, this is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Megan is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who helps exhausted and stressed moms recover their energy and joy with nutritional balancing and uncovering the hidden causes of symptoms. 

She uses a hair tissue mineral analysis as a method for assessing, monitoring, and a guide to improving your body chemistry so that you can finally have a personalized roadmap for your journey of wellness.

This testing is non-invasive and very accurate that has been used for at least 100 years worldwide. It is a screening test that uses hair as a tissue mineral biopsy to test mineral content and the presence of toxic metals in your body.

Hair mineral analysis testing is an excellent method for assessing, monitoring and guiding the correction and improvement of one’s body chemistry.

Megan explains 3 ways how Hair Testing can help one heal on her blog; 

1. Streamline diet changes according to  your needs.

2.Understand how your body is handling stress.

3.Uncover heavy metal toxicity/infections that could be hindering healing.

So now you are asking, how does this work? Simple. 

1. Schedule a FREE call to discuss which of our 2 programs fits your needs, either our 8-Week Group Coaching (kicks off on April 12th) or our 1:1 12-weeks.

2. After you have registered, we ship you will the Hair Testing kit along with instructions.  While Megan is waiting on the results, she provides you with a simple guide to get you started on implementing healthy habits on nutrition as well our teaching modelus. 

3. Once she receives the results from the lab, she puts together a customized protocol and detailed report explaining your results, a diet guide that is customized for your metabolism per results and a sample meal plan. She will explain and share this with you in a 1:1 45 minutes session.

4. During the course of either 8-weeks or 12-weeks, I will keep you accountable of your implementation so that you not only just learn but get real results from your actions.  This is done through 1:1 coaching, a private Facebook group, emails, and lots of prayers!

Are you ready to stop all the guessing about your nutrition wellness and start getting real results?

Great, now a schedule the chat – Make an Investment in YOU – Start living a joyous journey as you walk towards holiness & wellness!


So my sisters in Christ, I invite you to join me in this movement of #holinessthroughwellness — Together as a community, we will move along with real results once and for all!

With the Love of Christ,

Maria Cecilia

Watch the video where Megan explains to our listeners all about Hair Testing.